Invite friends today! It’s easy. You send your friends your personalized code. They register for Journie Rewards and automatically receive a 2¢/L gas discount. Then, anytime a friend you invited completes their first Journie transaction, you automatically receive a 3¢/L gas discount!* What’s better? You can invite friends anytime!


*One-time gas discounts will be issued once an eligible Personalized Code is successfully submitted during registration, the new member’s Journie Rewards registration is validated, and the new member makes an eligible purchase while presenting their Journie Rewards App or card. The owner of the Personalized Code will then receive an added 3¢ per litre off their next gas purchase up to a maximum discount of 35¢/L, and the new member who submitted the Personalized Code will receive an added 2¢ per litre off their gas purchase – both in addition to any other gas savings for which they qualify – if they present their Journie Rewards App or card at time of purchase at participating locations. Discounts must be used within 60 days of issuance.