Save more on gas

From time to time, you’ll be offered Fuel Savings as a reward option at 75 or 150 points. Along with snacks, drinks, carbon offsets and bonus points, you’ll now have the chance to choose a Fuel Savings reward of 2¢/L at the 75 point reward level, or 3¢/L as a 150 point reward option! These discounts are stackable and will automatically be applied to the first 100 litres of your next fuel purchase.


*When the discount is selected and unlocked after earning 75 or 150 JOURNIE Rewards points, the cents per litre discount will be applied up to 100 L of fuel purchased in a single transaction and can be applied at the pump or in-store. This offer can be redeemed at any participating Pioneer, Fas Gas, Ultramar and Chevron station.